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​​Shine Your Light - A Hanukkah Story

Shine Your (INNER) Light

Shine Your Light - A Hanukkah Story encourages children to learn the history and traditions of Hanukkah and to pursue social action during the festival of lights by letting their own inner light shine. Each day of Hanukkah children are encouraged to perform mitzvahs and are rewarded with a block which holds their own shamash candle, or helper candle, to sit next to the menorah. Hopefully by the end of Hanukkah each child has a candle stick eight blocks high lit with a candle which sits on their good deeds.  

"Such a fabulous new Hanukkah tradition. My daughter looks forward to performing mitzvahs each day and it has been a great way to get more involved in my community and make Hanukkah even more meaningful." - Raquelle Akavan, Syosset, NY

"Great way to encourage children to help others during the holiday season while teaching the story of Hanukkah." -Lauren Rosenberg, San Diego, CA